The research results were and continue to be disseminated through various means and targeting different audiences.

1. Multimedia guides 

The individual and collective video clips that were completed during the first phase of workshops are grouped and presented in four multimedia guides. Each guide provides the opportunity to discover a neighbourhood through an itinerary punctuated by the voices and images from the participants. The video clips are accompanied by short texts and the multimedia guides are available on the website as well as on a phone app for Androids and iPhones.

2. Presentation and public events 

In Montreal 

Events at DESTA and INRS-UCS 

The multimedia guides were presented during public events in both cities. In Montreal, the Little Burgundy video clips were first presented by the participants to their families and the community partners on June 27th 2014 at DESTA. The St-Michel clips were first presented at INRS-UCS on Decembre 12th 2014.

May 9th launch

Following the separate presentations, the St-Michel and Little Burgundy groups worked together from January to May 2015 to organise a launch of the multimedia guides. The event was held at the Georges Vanier Cultural Centre on May 9th 2015. The two neighbourhood groups worked with the Vespa Lab team and the mapCOLLAB animators during multiple meetings to plan and prepare the launch, and to practice some of the performances. The May 9th event was the opportunity for the youth to present together what they had created about their respective neighbourhoods. The public saw an exhibition of the pictures taken by the youth during the workshops.  The pictures were also auctioned that evening. The  evening also showcased musical, spoken word, beatbox and dance performances. Special guests Be the change also performed two dance routines. The launch also kick-started a fundraising campaign in the hope of bringing some of the montreal youth to Paris.

Our official photographers, Ouali and Jarad, documented the evening!


In Montreal, two of the animators were invited to present their work in the project at l’Université du Québec à Montréal. A short presentation of the project was also done at an Vivre St-Michel en Santé, the neighbourhood concertation table, where Nico also performed.

In the Parisian region


In May 2015, during the annual training days of the PJJ organized by Patrick Haddad and Lamence Madzou, Claire Carroué (co-animators of the workshops in the region of Paris) and Bintou Mina Sahallah (former director of the OMJA Emile Dubois youth structure in Aubervilliers) presented the collaboration between youth services and a research team. In June 2015, as part of a seminar organized at the University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Claire Carroué made a presentation entitled “What is the place of a doctoral student in a collaborative research project: between animation and research work?”

Study day 

In January 2015 a study day was organized in Pantin, open to researchers as well as local workers and residents. The objective was to showcase new research practices aiming at making visible the experiences of youth in popular neighbourhood. Presenting new tools and methods emerging from different projects allowed us to expose different ways to give space and voice to youth from those neighbourhoods through research.


3. Books and articles 

A book bringing together the texts produced by all the members of the mapCOLLAB team will be finalised in 2017. The texts produced by the youth during the second phase of workshops as well as texts written by animators and researchers will be presented in the book. Furthermore, academic articles will be written and presentations made  once the book is published.

4. mapCOLLAB in the media 

On October 28th 2015, Patrick Pascal and Leslie Kapo-Touré discussed the project on  the TV show Montréalité, on MAtv. You can see their interview here.